How to get started with an Employee Communication App?

The digital workplace experience evolved so quickly during the pandemic, with organisations utilising solutions that were the most accessible (based on cost, delivery time, and functionality).

While investments to address hybrid work and employee experience have grown, employee communications have been a lesser priority. Today, leaders across all sectors are reviewing their digital channel infrastructure and asking themselves, “is this fit for purpose, or do we need to evaluate and shift our strategy to engage our employees more effectively?”

Over the past 18 months, leaders have asked me the same questions:

  • What is the best-in-class Employee Communication App for my organisation?
  • How do I ensure that key stakeholders are aligned to a recommendation?

My answer is you need a Digital Discovery to find the best fit for your specific needs.

A Digital Discovery helps leaders to understand the best solution to engage their employees, wherever they are located. Ensuring you procure the best App is critical if we consider that engagement of frontline workers can vary from 30% to 92% depending on the App you select.

However, equally as important, is that the Digital Discovery process integrates the diverse views and opinions of key stakeholders within your organisation into one aligned approach.

The Digital Discovery takes 4-weeks and has three phases that run in parallel:

  • Desk Based Research
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • App recommendation.

The Discovery often starts with a problem such as, ‘we have too many systems and tools’, or ‘our email communication is not effective’, or ‘we need to increase two-way conversations’, or ‘we don’t have any data’. We quickly need to understand `why’.

During the Desk Based Research, we review your business strategies, communication audits, insights from surveys/EVP and deep dive into your existing digital ecosystem, to understand any technical dependencies and the strategic roadmap.

Stakeholder Interviews are critical to understand the implementation requirements across stakeholder groups but also to drive collaboration, minimise risk and take key stakeholders on the journey because people defend what they create. In addition, we work with nominated employees to better understand and quantify the user experience today. We often find a cluttered, frustrating, and inefficient tech environment.

We deliver a presentation of findings and recommendations that form the basis for the business case. We understand the best solutions in the marketplace to drive engagement and productivity, how they could adapt and fit into any existing eco-system and most importantly if they will work for your organisation.

Contact me directly to discuss how we can help you with a Digital Discovery….