Three benefits of introducing an Employee Communication Platform.


Employee Communication Platforms are becoming critical components of the overall tech ecosystem. Successful leaders are realising the extent to which the employee experience defines the customer experience and business growth – and that impactful communication is key to both.

The access to data enables IC Leaders to have strategic discussions with business leaders on the effectiveness of communications and the value to both the business and employees. IC leaders can report how employee engagement drives customer engagement and at a more granular level they can report how communications tied to each strategic initiative are performing as a regular cadence.

IC Leaders have the ability to measure via analytics the level of engagement by audience, which channels are effective to communicate with each audience, and indeed at what times of the day those audiences consume information. For example, we can answer which channel is most effective to engage a dispersed workforce between the hours of 12pm and 4pm. This data will be accessible in real-time and not an action that comes with a two-week delay.


The pandemic has not only shifted the way we work, but it has also accelerated employee’s expectations about their digital experience. The goal to give employees a ‘consumer experience’ is now being realised.

An Employee Experience Platform is the `company in your pocket for non-desk employees.’
The platform enables 2-way conversations. Employees tell us that finally, they can provide feedback and feel that their voice is being heard, driving connection to the organisation.

Employees can subscribe to channels that matter to them, enabling a `consumer experience’ that they expect in 2023. There are also some real functional benefits for employees – the ability to troubleshoot issues has reduced incidents and accidents in many organisations, employees can ask questions within their groups on day-to-day issues and share best practice.

Leaders can use the Platform to recognise great work or actions in real-time (as they happen) – driving a culture of reward and recognition. An Employee Experience Platform helps you to bring your Values and Culture to life to everyone, everywhere…


A single organisation has many different employees that they are trying to communicate with, from a corporate office team member to a frontline worker. Therefore, an integrated platform is essential to help communicators manage the logistical complexities of personalising and engaging their audiences.

As a result of hybrid work, employees require an increased flow of information, with greater specificity to their role and location than ever before. There is no single communications channel that will connect you to all employees and there is not one channel everyone will want to use. Everyone has different preferences for how they receive information.

IC Leaders will save time by having one backend where you can plan and target your communications across multiple channels such as mobile, intranet, desktop, social and digital signage in a connected and cohesive Omnichannel approach.

Today, IC Teams waste hundreds of hours working in a fragmented approach and a Platform creates a cohesive and unified work environment that also handles all workflow and governance needs.

If you’re looking for an employee communications platform that meets your organisations unique needs, we can help you navigate the market to find your best option.

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