Super-Charging Employee Engagement: Why choose an Employee Communication Platform?

Think of what you could achieve as an organisation, when everyone in the boat is actively rowing in the same direction.

When employees are effectively informed and engaged in two-way conversations each day, they contribute to their full ability, have a greater impact on the business and ultimately generate real business results.

Today, employees simply expect more. They want to:

• have purpose
• feel included
• experience a sense of belonging
• be listened to
• have an emotional connection to the business
• work flexibly.

And of course, employees want a workplace that is collaborative and engaging. They expect any technology they use to be easy. If they have to deal with a clunky interface or waste time trying to find what they need, they won’t use it.

The world of communications has changed.

We all know the digital workplace experience evolved at lightning pace during the pandemic – we all felt it. Organisations adopted the solutions that were most accessible (based on cost, delivery time, functionality) but they might not be the best for their ongoing needs. While investments to address hybrid work and employee experience has grown, employee communications has been a lesser priority.

Today, leaders across all sectors are reviewing their digital channel infrastructure and asking themselves, ‘is this fit for purpose, or do we need to evaluate and shift our strategy to engage our employees more effectively?’ Today more than ever, leaders are looking for a competitive advantage to recruit, retain and engage employees.

Organisations have many different employees to communicate with, from a corporate office team member to a frontline worker. An integrated Employee Communication Platform is essential to help communicators manage the logistical complexities of personalising and engaging their audiences.

The most in-demand platforms are ones that are consumer-grade, offer extensibility through integrations, are scalable to meet all organisational needs, provide the right governance access, deliver multisource analytics and enable meaningful connections to foster a happier, more productive workplace.

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