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"Forward-thinking leaders are increasingly recognizing the profound impact of the employee experience on customer satisfaction and business growth. Effective communication plays a pivotal role in both aspects."

The world of communications in Melbourne business has changed!

The digital workplace landscape in Melbourne underwent rapid evolution during the pandemic, with organizations opting for accessible solutions in terms of cost, delivery time, and functionality.

While investments in hybrid work and employee experience have increased, employee communications have been given lower priority.

Today, Melbourne based leaders across various sectors are reassessing their digital channel infrastructure and asking themselves if it is fit for purpose or if they need to reevaluate and shift their strategy for more effective employee engagement.

The goal of providing Melbourne employees with a ‘consumer experience’ is now being realised, and the new workplace is increasingly digital-first. Building a strong culture and meaningfully engaging employees, especially those working remotely or in deskless roles, presents the greatest work-related challenge of our time.

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employees say their productivity suffers from a lack of information

0 %

high potential employees admit to not putting all their effort into the job

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employees are satisfied
with their employee experience

0 %

employees will leave
their jobs within
a year

Sources: Gartner, M-Files, McKinsey & Company, Harvard Business Review, CNBC.

The future of work in Melbourne is NOW.

In today’s competitive landscape, leaders are increasingly seeking ways to gain an edge in recruiting, retaining, and engaging employees.

Organizations in Melbourne and other Australian cities need to communicate with diverse employee groups, ranging from corporate office team members to frontline workers.

An integrated Employee Communication Platform is crucial for communicators to effectively manage the logistical challenges of personalizing and engaging their audiences.”

Employee Communication Platforms are increasingly recognized as critical components of the overall tech ecosystem. Forward-thinking leaders understand the profound impact of the employee experience on customer satisfaction and business growth, and the pivotal role of impactful communication in achieving both.

The most sought-after platforms are those that offer consumer-grade usability, extensibility through integrations, scalability to meet organizational requirements, appropriate governance access, multisource analytics, and the ability to foster meaningful connections for a happier and more productive workplace.

A unique, reliable delivery approach.

At Intelligent Communications Experiences Melbourne, we are super-charging communications and employee experience.

We offer Digital Discovery services to help you effectively engage your employees, regardless of their location.

Our Digital Partnerships are with industry-leading platforms such as Workvivo, Poppulo, Microsoft, Staffbase, and Firstup.

By collaborating with these partners, we assist organizations in transforming their communication, culture, and work processes.

Additionally, our Services Partnerships with Bunch Group and Adaptive Change Mindset provide integrated full-service digital experiences, ensuring the platform is embedded and sustained for the long term.